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Two years ago today the Jabaneers graced Providence High School with their magic during the New Albany Pep Rally. This was one of the greatest moments of my life. Watching my team, my school, my classmates, and my friends all in one tiny gym supporting the dream of beating New Albany. It was magnificent. The Jabaneers will never be out done. I! LOVE! IT! PHS class of 2011. We are the best.

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Since we already did Christmas

here’s what I came away with

  • clothes, so many clothes
  • money (yeah buddy)
  • a light up Princess and the Frog comforter (dont be haten)
  • 360’S!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they are golf shoes that ive wanted for 3yrs)
  • Hearts and Daggers perfume
  • Pearls! (my daddy loves me ^.^)
  • Bath and Body Works stuff
  • rain boots
  • more clothes
  • ducky got me a shit ton of princess stuff, socks, and gloves
  • minnie and mickey footsie pajamas
  • my mom made me a Tiana jewelry box too =)
  • a U of L snuggie (much appreciated)
  • annnnnnd
  • A ACOUSTIC GUITAR =) =) =) =) (Cory and my mom picked it out)

God I love my family =) they are the best!!

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